Before now, tattoo art has customarily gained little or no repute from the art world, thereby making it look more or less irrelevant to the folk art tradition. However, times have changed, and there is a whole lot more recognition of this beautiful art. A whole lot of people, both old and young, have wholeheartedly embraced tattooing as much more than just a mere kind of body decoration but solely as art. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see tattoo arts displayed gallantly in galleries, basic and extensive art books, where people can view collected body art pieces done by popular tattoo artists, all around the world. 

So to further broaden our horizon, we at Kintaro Publishing have collaborated with quite a good number of artists to put together and publish eye-catchy and interesting artistic and tattoo related books. Ideally, we have created a milestone for others to imitate by portraying as the best in the industry.

Right below is an extensive list of some of the best tattoo artists' biographies. These artists haven't only influenced this website; they have solidly contributed to the success standing of tattoo art today.

Robert Aalbers

Alex Binnie

Jeroen Franken

Mike Dorsey

Shane Tan

Daan Verbruggen

Agustin Cavalieri

Yushi “Horikichi” Takei

Erik de Haan


Mick Tattoo

Joel Ang

Filip Leu

Kim-Anh Nguyen

Chris Garver

Barbara Munster

Marius Meyer

Álvaro P.B.

Hernán Chevalié

Hernán Coretta

Takashi Matsuba

Henk Schiffmacher


Luis Valseca

Dani Dilatas


Rafa Jurad

Jo Arancibia

Mikael de Poissy

Wendy Pham

Michael Rasetti

Roman Todorov

Desert Nik

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